Distributed Adaptive Streaming™

Giraffic is also the inventor of DAS: Its multi-patented Distributed Adaptive Streaming™ (DAS) technology – a fully automated virtual Content Delivery Network that enables crowd sourcing of the excess and idle bandwidth from millions of end-user devices to provide a high quality, robust and highly efficient collaborative content streaming cloud.

By deploying DAS for content delivery or for software/firmware updates, device manufacturers can offload over 70% of the bandwidth while avoiding disruptive internet bottlenecks.





Pro-Active Storage™

Pro-Active Storage™

Distributed Adaptive Streaming™

Distributed Adaptive Streaming™

Network Operator & User Friendly

Network Operator & User Friendly




Giraffic Distributed Adaptive Streaming™ is a robust fully distributed cloud, leveraging the universal presence of end-users and infinite fragments of resources they can provide to the community, together with sophisticated data and streaming management algorithms.

The core of the solution is a new UDP based streaming protocol that can retrieve data from multiple sources simultaneously in random order, without latency, at a fraction the time and cost of existing content delivery solutions.


  • Distributed Adaptive Streaming™ – Outsmarting Internet limitations to deliver higher video resolution (bit-rate), speed and efficiency, on the existing end-users’ Internet connection – by enhancing the capabilities of variable bit-rate codecs such as HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Microsoft SmoothStreaming. HLS, HDS and MPEG-DASH.
  • FEC Based Encoding – Redundancy and High Availability are integrated into the data itself, eliminating reliance on replication/caching of content on the network.
  • Pro-Active Storage™ – Patented technology that pro-actively pre-populates encoded and resilient content data fragments in the end devices, and enables high availability of content from end-user devices of niche, “long-tail” content, not just the popular stuff.
  • Asynchronous Coded Multi-Source Streaming – Patented UDP based streaming technology which can obtain data in random order from dozens and hundreds of sources simultaneously and assemble media on-the-fly in asynchronous order.
  • Automatic Data Healing – Provisioning of content and self-healing of data across the network. As end-user computers or media devices go offline, Giraffic automatically monitors the network and creates more sources and data inventory, on the fly, for every required fragment of content.
  • Automatic Adaptation to Popular Content – Automatic caching for availability of popular content.
  • Cross-Platform – Integration on any OS and device – PC/MAC (Windows & OSX), TV & STB (Linux and Android), Mobile & Tablets (IOS & Android)
  • Low Footprint – small CPU, RAM and Disk usage, can be implemented on very low end devices and power supply.
  • Polite Streaming – Considerate and non-disruptive within a user’s environment; consumes resources mainly when device is idle. When active – utilizes a small fragment of users’ uplink (typically 40-60kbps).
  • Network Operator Friendly – Off-peak load balancing leverages excess & idle bandwidth, Multi-source load balancing on multiple streaming sources, peak- & geo-optimized caching.
  • Comprehensive Management, Control and Reporting – Enabling a real-time view of network performance as well as aggregate statistics on user consumption behavior and KPI, network efficiency, content distribution, cost effectiveness and more.
  • DRM and Copyright Protection – Supports and reaffirms existing Digital Rights Management and encryption such as Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady.
  • No changes are required to existing video infrastructure –  Giraffic seamlessly interoperates with customer’s existing  video  player, origin servers , CDN and Online Video Management Platform

The Result:

No matter what Video Infrastructure you are using, just add the Giraffic’s Distributed Adaptive Streaming™ to your app or content service in order to increase end-user streaming performance, video quality and offload immediately 80% of your bandwidth needs.

Giraffic’s DAS can be added on to standard HTTP progressive download, or to the variable bit-rate formats such as HDS, HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH, which immediately enables higher video quality and smoother bitrate transitions on the end-users’ existing Internet connection.


Offloading over 80% of customer’s bandwidth and absorbing peak-hour traffic:

The following chart is real live customer’s data from Giraffic’s network during a typical week of operations – demonstrating Giraffic’s ability not only to offload over 80% of the total customer data (!), but also how Giraffic’s network absorbs the majority of peak traffic and leaves the operator’s network and CDN “Flat”.

Legend: The BLUE line shows the data offloaded by Giraffic, while the RED line is the data coming from the CDN.

DAS performance


Adding Giraffic DAS on top of Variable Bitrate Formats such as HLS, SmoothStreaming, HDS and MPEG-DASH, has demonstrated:

End users gain substantially the higher resolution (bit-rate) on their existing Internet connection – the highest quality/bitrate supported their own Internet connection, removing any other network or backbone bottlenecks.

Benchmark Results:

With HTTP only (Giraffic off – before the yellow line), playback resulted in 500kbps to 1Mbps quality and was jumpy and inconsistent.

With Giraffic turned on (after the yellow line), the video was played at 1-1.5Mbps, and much more stable as well as consistent Quality-of-Service.

The network behavior recorded during a typical adaptive playback is stipulated in the chart bellow:

  1. Streaming is more stable (less fluctuations, smoother bitrate switching).
  2. 2X-3X the bitrate (video quality) is reached over the same Internet connection.
  3. The highest bitrate possible is switched on and sustained much faster with Giraffic on and the total download time of the content is much faster.


Giraffic DAS Demo

Interoperability and Integration:

  • Low memory footprint, low CPU usage

On Devices:

  • Giraffic is compiled, installed and run as a system service on any client device
  • Video streaming requests are redirected from the player through the Giraffic local HTTP proxy

On the server-side:

  • CDN integration (enabling access of Giraffic Seeding Manager to your existing CDN)
  • DRM – integrating with your Digital Rights Management.



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