Adaptive Video Acceleration™

Giraffic Adaptive Video Acceleration™ (AVA™) delivers an amazing entertainment experience by outsmarting internet bandwidth limitations & video ecosystem complexities entirely from the consumer’s device.

Giraffic video experience solution enables Smart TVs, IP Set-Top-Boxes, tablets and smartphones to deliver HD, UHD 4K video and VR, without re-buffering pauses or streaming resolution reduction. CE devices manufacturers and OTT content service providers that integrated AVA on their platforms, deliver their consumers

uninterrupted smooth viewing experience at best & consistent resolution, under any network conditions.

Giraffic is redefining the video experience with multiple patents enabling the control of internet congestion and video playback shaping entirely from the device.



Giraffic’s client-side Adaptive Video Acceleration (AVA) software optimizes streaming video quality by controlling the data pipeline with real-time network diagnostics, playback shaping and client-side HTTP Acceleration.

Real Time Analytics

Real Time Analytics

Playback Shaping

Playback Shaping

Client Side HTTP Acceleration

Client Side HTTP Acceleration


Consumers expect a flawless multiscreen video delivery. Yet wireless and fixed line connectivity is not delivering on that quality due to its inconsistent nature, often restrained speed, bandwidth caps and Fair Usage Policies, peak hour internet congestion (operator network backbone, content servers, last mile) and more. This causes various viewing frustrations such as repeated buffering pauses and low video resolution.

Through Giraffic’s patented Adaptive Video Acceleration technology integration into devices or applications, viewers can enjoy the highest possible video quality (resolution/bitrate) over their existing internet connection, including faster streaming and downloads, minimum re-buffering, and true UHD 4K and immersive streams.

Adopted by leading manufacturers, including Samsung and LG, with 10’s of millions of devices in over 150 countries, AVA built-in streaming optimization capability extracts higher throughput from any existing network, with up to 200% faster download speed. Based on the performance of Giraffic current deployments and 3rd party benchmarks, viewers can now gain up to 300% higher resolution and up to 80% less buffering pauses under rough network conditions.

Without any integration on the network or server side, AVA performs real-time analysis and measurement of network parameters, calculating and predicting network performance in the upcoming term. In addition, AVA analyses each content file, determining the playback shaping strategy required for optimizing the video stream, including dynamic fragment sizing and media player efficient buffer management. With all the information in hand, Giraffic AVA assigns and executes the best client-side HTTP acceleration strategy.  Complimentary to the existing video delivery ecosystem, AVA controls the congestion throughout the network pipe and adjusts to fluctuating network conditions.


Results are visible and measurable:

Giraffic Accelerated HTTP Streaming vs. Standard HTTP

Higher network throughput means higher image qualities and uninterrupted viewing.

A real network monitor view of a typical Giraffic accelerated stream: 200% higher throughput and smoother Quality-of-Service




Try Giraffic live demos for yourself.

The New York Media Lab Review of Giraffic Acceleration

Click here to play the review on YouTube or go-to:


Giraffic Adaptive Video Acceleration™ is tailored to serve device manufacturers and OTT content service providers needs:

  • Client-only software solution (no server-side implementation)
  • Low CPU, low memory footprint
  • Complementary and compatible with existing video delivery ecosystem (CDN, DRM, compression, adaptive streaming protocols, etc)

On Devices:

  • Giraffic AVA software runs seamlessly as a system service on any device and any OS
  • Video streaming requests are redirected from the media player through Giraffic local HTTP proxy
  • Typical integration cycle 4-6 weeks
  • Accelerates any content on the device



Download AVA whitepaper


Giraffic is also the inventor of DAS: Its multi-patented Distributed Adaptive Streaming™ (DAS™) technology – a fully automated virtual Content Delivery Network that enables crowd sourcing of the excess and idle bandwidth from millions of end-user devices to provide a high quality, robust and highly efficient collaborative content streaming cloud.

By deploying DAS for content delivery or for software/firmware updates, device manufacturers can offload over 70% of the bandwidth while avoiding disruptive internet bottlenecks.

More information about DAS