OTT Video Streaming Providers

Giraffic enables Over-The-Top video streaming providers to accelerate their delivery of content with its multi-patented Adaptive Video Acceleration (AVA) technology.

Giraffic also provides Distributed Adaptive Streaming™ (DAS)  to online video entertainment sites, VoD broadcasters and Mobile Video Apps. Adding a simple library via the Giraffic SDK into their application increases the end users’ streaming quality over their existing Internet connection and offloads over 70% of the bandwidth needed to deliver the content.

Giraffic achieves this with its multi-patented DAS (Distributed Adaptive Streaming™) technology. DAS is the most robust crowd-streaming technology available today. This fully automated platform enables crowd sourcing of excess and idle bandwidth from millions of end-user devices to provide a high quality, robust and super efficient collaborative content streaming. Large scale OTT video providers such as TV Network MakoTV and Online Video Site enjoy:

  • Highest possible video quality  (resolution) over any Internet connection
  • Quality of Service – Continuous and sustainable streaming
  • Substantial cost savings – over 70% of bandwidth is offloaded (proven on large scale deployments)
  • Polite crowd streaming – marginal user uplink consumed (40-60kbps), very low footprint.

Giraffic’s technology guarantees high availability and accelerated video streaming for niche, long-tail content, as well as highly popular blockbusters and video clips.

Case Studies

See how Giraffic Distributed Adaptive Streaming™ improved quality while lowering cost of service for:



With DAS, iMoviesBox was able to offer an Android STB with unlimited streaming while keeping their costs at shore.



By offloading the bandwidth, GlobeVOD was able to offer its users the popular “limitless Movies, limitless Views” subscription for the unbeatable price of £1.99/month, subsequently generating new revenues.



In order to meet their financial requirements, Veoh chose to contain their bandwidth costs. The bottom line: a 50% cost reduction and still satisfy their growing user base of 5 million yearly. Mission accomplished.



Deployed for streaming to PC and Mobile, DAS offloaded MakoTV’s overall bandwidth by 70% thus enabling a smooth HD content delivery to their end-user. As a result, MakoTV boosted their viewers’ engagement.