Introducing the Giraffic Blog

November 19, 2014
Giraffic CEO Yoel Zanger on Digital Hollywood Panel, October 2014

Giraffic CEO Yoel Zanger on Digital Hollywood Panel, October 2014

There have been many exciting developments in the world of video recently – including our own news. It is great time to be in the field, and it is against this backdrop that I am pleased to introduce the Giraffic blog.

Why is it such a great time?

For as long as cable TV has been around, there have been cable bundles – and complaints about them. While many would love to “cut the cord” – i.e. ditch cable subscriptions – this simply has not been practical, for those who want access to their favorite programs and channels.

But now there are so many options for marrying the Internet to the living room TV; set-top box technology is improving and TVs are getting smarter. More media companies are unbundling their content and making it available over the Web. In fact, many news reports said that the recent HBO and CBS announcements were a watershed, and are bringing us closer to a day that many thought would never come. We are not there just yet, but it seems there is now a groundswell to give consumers more choices and free them from the tyranny of cable channel bundles.

It is not just about cable TV and streaming alternatives. Video content surrounds us. It lives on our TVs, PCs, handsets and tablets, and is rapidly rising, edging out words and images when it comes to getting attention, delivering info and telling stories.

While there is no question about the rise of video, and growing choices for consumers, there are quite a few technological hurdles in delivering acceptable (to say nothing of great) quality. And even at the end of 2014, is your experience watching video over the Internet really comparable to that of Cable TV?

Yes, many technologies and much infrastructure are certainly making the quality and experience better: better compression (e.g. HEVC), more CDN infrastructure, better last mile telecommunications networks, etc.

That said, are you indeed getting broadcast quality TV Over-the-Top?

What would you think if your Cable TV operator would start using adaptive streaming and offer you sometimes 480p instead of 1080p on the HD channel you subscribed to?

Are you getting consistently true HD streaming over the Internet with guaranteed Quality of Service?

Giraffic was founded to bridge the gap between Broadcast TV and the boundaries of Internet video.. This blog will share information and perspectives from our team and partners on the topic. But it will not be marketing info. We will aim to connect the dots on trends we are seeing, highlight and comment on related news, and provide a resource for CTOs and decision-makers at OEMs, OTT and device companies who are struggling with how to deliver the best content and user experience.

In the coming weeks we will share insight and analysis from the Giraffic team, and other experts in the field, covering topics such as:

  • 4K – What is it, and will it succeed where 3D TV hasn’t?
  • MPEG DASH – Is it indeed a standard? Who should care?
  •  The “last yard” problem – the last and weak link of our home or office Wi-Fi signals, which are sometimes weak or very noisy, and are potentially killing the entire viewing experience.
  • OTT TV and QoS – the gap between broadcast TV and the boundaries of Internet video
  • The AVA standard and how it affects the streaming media industry – OTT Operators and Consumer Electronics device manufacturers such as Smart TVs. Set-top-Boxes, Tablets and Smartphones.
  • How high quality video streaming impacts video ad engagement / monetization
  • Multi-screen convergence and wireless network challenges

Oh, one other thing. I am sometimes asked about the origins of the name Giraffic – not only is it because I am 6’3” tall (as you can see from the picture, which shows me on a recent Digital Hollywood panel); but it’s about turning the “long tail” into the “long neck”).

Thank you for reading. We encourage your comments and feedback.