#LivestreamCheck- Industry Twitter Roundtable Wrap

August 11, 2016 7:02 am

Inna Zagrebelny
Marketing Manager, Giraffic 


This week we had a pleasure of hosting our third Twitter roundtable. There’ve been many developments in in live streaming recently, and we tackled some of the opportunities and #livestreamcheckshort_runner_summarychallenges in the one hour chat. Streaming media experts joined the discussion, including Ren Bond from Parks Associates, Troy Dreier of of StreamingMedia.com, Samantha Bookman from FierceOnlineVideo, James Jackson and Chris Michaels of of Wowza, Alex Stanley from SportTechie and Giraffic CEO and founder, Yoel Zanger.

Despite the growing buzz around the live streaming phenomena, the consensus was that it is still not mature enough for the mainstream. This was attributed to several factors. Even though it may seem like live streaming has conquered every aspect of the media (news, sports and live events, eSports/gaming and social), not all the sectors embrace it to its fullest. Moreover, the complexity of the technology as well as the difficulty to grow beyond the early adopters put a spoke in live streaming wheels, on the way to prime-time capabilities.

When it comes to streaming, it is clear that bandwidth

affects every single aspect of the viewing experience, but when live, scalability, latency and consistent quality were identified as the key challenges, due to users’ expectations and the high standards of broadcast. Quality-of-Service impacts the viewership, as users will not tolerate a sub-par experience, may abandon the stream and not use the service again.

The availability of free options with moderate ad insertion as well as reduced content restrictions will definitely drive more viewers to live streamed content.

It is unclear whereas live streaming will thrive in sports, news, and social or all of these, but eSports which kicked off live streaming is definitely on industry’s watch list.

Immersive real-time experiences such as live virtual reality (VR) and 360 video, despite the uniqueness and personalization they provide users, are still in the way too early stages of live streaming evolution and we may see augmented reality (AR) getting adopted sooner (without mentioning PokemonGo) as a gateway to VR.

Indeed it was a fascinating and insightful discussion and there is still a lot to be said (and done) on the subject. Check out the full stream below for more valuable takeaways. We welcome you to continue contributing to the conversation using the #LivestreamCheck hashtag.

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