Live AVA™ for OTT Operators & Service Providers and Streaming Media Device Manufacturers


True HD & UHD 4K Broadcast TV Experience Over Internet

Live AVA client-side network acceleration overcomes challenges in delivering high Quality-of-Service for live and linear TV streaming.

  • Real-time faster download speeds to reduce buffering 
  • Delivers higher quality playback and smoother Quality-of-Service
  • HTTP live streaming optimized 

Live streaming is The Next Big Thing, embraced by gaming, traditional sports, live events and social networking.
The delivery of real-time experiences and linear TV over-the-top (OTT) however, remains constrained by network conditions, especially during prime-time.  Scalabilty and quality remain the biggest issue.

Live AVA controls linear TV and live streaming experience in real-time

  • Extracts more effective throughput from the consumers’ existing internet connection
  • Provides broadcast TV viewing experience mitigating poor image quality and buffering

Live AVA is an intelligent software solution, based on Giraffic patented Adaptive Video Acceleration technology, that delivers improved live & linear TV streaming experience. 

Entirely client-side software solution 

  • Any platform, device and operating system
  • No integration on server or network side
  • Complimentary solution to existing infrastructure (CDN, ISP etc)
  • No end-user operation: built-in streaming optimization

Bridge the gap between the content delivery network and viewers’ internet connection

OTT broadcasters and content service providers are limited in ability to resolve congestion entirely from the network side. Live and linear TV content is being created as it is being streamed, allowing very short delay time to define and execute congestion release strategy.

Combine client-side streaming acceleration with your network optimization strategy for robust video delivery solution

  • OEMs can now control the data delivery pipe by adding Live AVA to their device stack
  • Content service providers can perfect live streaming viewing experience by integrating AVA SDK into their apps

Live AVA complements existing video delivery infrastructure

  • Overcomes network bottlenecks, including Last Mile issues
  • Resolves even “Last Yard” congestion in user home environment- at home bandwidth competition, proximity to router

Check out our Live AVA press release here.

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