#CordCutterTech Twitter Roundtable Chat Wrap

April 15, 2015 2:12 pm

In case you missed it, we hosted our first Twitter Roundtable Chat last week on April 9, discussing the current trends in the streaming media industry. During the one-hour Twitter Roundtable Chat, industry influencers along with our own CEO and founder, Yoel Zanger, discussed a variety of topics involving the current and future status of 4K and UHD (see our previous blog post for more details). The experts that participated included Samantha Bookman from FierceOnlineVideo, Michael Goodman, Eric Smith and Glenn Hower from Strategy Analytics, Brett Sappington and Ruby-Ren Bond from Parks Associates, Stephan Jukic from 4K News and Review, Dan Rayburn from Streaming Media, and others.

The consensus seems to be that 4K is the future. The current networks and technology available are not able to support 4K and UHD to meet the ever-growing demand. Also, when it comes to pinpointing the biggest roadblock in content delivery, it seems that home networking environments are the weakest link. Ultimately it isn’t up to just one player to provide great content delivery; everyone in the food chain has a part to play.

There’s much more to be discussed when it comes to the future of streaming media, especially 4K and UHD, so continue to follow us @GirafficVideo for details on the next Twitter Roundtable Chat.- You can still contribute or follow the conversation by looking up the hashtag #CordCutterTech.