Beam Me up Scotty, I Have Files and Screens to Share

February 19, 2015 8:36 pm

There are many commercial products that store digital media and serve it to home entertainment systems. There are also a growing number of technologies that let you directly connect devices over Wi-Fi, such as Samsung’s AllShare, Apple’s AirPlay, and Microsoft’s Miracast.

But if you have ever tried to do things like stream a video from your phone to your TV, or share screens or send a large video you shot on your smartphone over home wireless networks, you know that it can be a messy process, one that suffers from interruptions and slow speeds.

Our AVA mobile solution, which we just announced, solves this problem by making it possible to transfer videos and other large files, or even easily beam them on the TV screen over any basic Wi-Fi network. It accelerates and improves the delivery of large, mobile-to-mobile file transfers, directly on the home wireless LAN. This enables quick and easy sharing of personal media, such as the images and videos you just shot on your smartphone, without having to upload it to some cloud server first, or send via instant messenger (which, in addition to being slow, also compresses the video and decreases its quality).

AVA makes your smartphone the hub of your video streaming experience – but without the boundaries of the small screen. Search and find the video you want on your mobile phone, but watch it on your flat panel TV by simply beaming it over the home Wi-Fi network in one swipe of the phone.

The AVA mobile solution removes two barriers. The first is the ability to deliver the high quality video to the mobile phone’s OTT video app in the first place, at a throughput of over 20 Mbps (!), which can easily support HD resolution and even UHD 4K on your large screen TV. The second roadblock it removes is to beam that video without interruptions from the mobile device to the TV, over the home Wi-Fi network.

Our research team has tested the most challenging Wi-Fi networking environments to show that AVA enables substantially faster delivery of files shared between mobile devices as well as from mobile devices to the big screen smart TV. The results were clear: AVA allows for a more reliable and simpler way to share videos directly, from one mobile device to another.

We are working on getting the technology fully integrated into existing file transfer and sharing protocols that are already available on the mobile devices, such as Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast and Screen Mirroring. So stay tuned – the day when you aim your phone at the TV and say “Beam this stuff up!” – hit a button, and it just happens – may not be that far off.