A ‘Virtual’ Reality Check – Join Our Twitter Roundtable Discussion

November 17, 2016 8:24 am

Inna Zagrebelny, Marketing Manager, Giraffic


The hype around the Virtual Reality (VR) is widespread, and the potential for mainstream success looks positive. Ever since Mark Zuckerberg made his grand entrance at 2016 Mobile World Congress to the room full of people wearing the Gear VR headsets, it seems that almost every aspect of our modern life serves as another potential application of VR. From entertainment, sports, gaming, social interactions, live shows, to enterprise applications such as medical and industrial, there is a not a single industry that does not at least explore the concept.


When looking at the entertainment industry, matching the user experience with consumer expectations will dictate the rise or the fall of VR. Delivering on the promise of a truly immersive experience is quite a challenge, because it requires the content creators, producers, hardware manufacturers and the delivery platforms to develop and perfect their crafts to continue momentum for the medium. Quality content is no longer a preference, it is fundamentally needed to sustain VR.

Like many disruptive innovations, the tech is currently constrained by the users’ old habits, expected technological advancements to make the headsets comfortable and affordable, as well as the delivery ecosystem to assure the experience is seamless.

So where exactly is VR heading, and what needs to happen to get there?  Are real-time 4K VR experiences just around the corner?

We welcome you to join our upcoming Twitter roundtable chat to find out more and partake in this insightful discussion, on Wednesday, November 30th 2016 at 2:00pm EST.

Moderated by Giraffic, this one-hour chat will address the VR phenomena and how its adoption is changing the entire ecosystem.  What are the main growth engines, future applications and challenges of mainstream VR? A wide range of industry experts along with Giraffic CEO Yoel Zanger will share perspectives on the many components of VR including user experience and consumer expectations, content availability and delivery, formats, supporting devices, market growth engines and future applications.

We hope to see you there!

To follow the conversation and participate you can track our designated hashtag #StateofVR using the native Twitter app or website, or simply use Hootsuite, TweetDeck or TweetChat.

Enter the hashtag #StateofVR a few minutes before the start time and Giraffic moderator will make the introductions and begin the conversation. Please make sure to include the hashtag with every tweet you post during the roundtable. Otherwise, your comment will not be seen by other participants.

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