#SaveOurStreaming Twitter Roundtable Chat Wrap-Up

March 16, 2016 2:38 pm

Last week, we hosted our second Twitter Roundtable. Last time we pondered the future of 4K and UHD, and now turned our focus to the state of mobile streaming following many of the hot button topics discussed at Mobile World Congress. Joining the chat was our CEO and founder, Yoel Zanger, and other experts in the field of mobile and streaming including Troy Dreier of StreamingMedia.com, Wei Shi and Sue Rudd from Strategy Analytics, Ryan Jespersen of Wowza, Samantha Bookman from FierceOnlineVideo (whom we thank for participating in both of our roundtables), and Jeffrey Powers, of Geekazine.com.

The overall consensus was that bandwidth concerns impact every point in the streaming video chain. This includes content creation, content distribution, mobile networks and even devices themselves. Most didn’t think 4K is necessarily important for small screen mobile devices, and the priority is a clean stream – not necessarily the prettiest one. Perhaps 4K wasn’t a huge topic at MWC for just that reason.

However, points were raised that mobile doesn’t even play HD well either – which will be a problem. Live streaming and VOD came down to a bandwidth issues and whether or not networks can provide enough juice for growing user base and file sizes. Will consumers simply tolerate the hiccups for now? Most panelists agreed that consumers won’t accept poor quality experiences for much longer.

Just as at MWC, virtual reality became a big point of discussion. Buffering causes lag and lag can ruin an immersive experience. The participants felt that mobile networks were going to be the biggest issue in delivering VR; and of course, the availability of quality content.

The roundtable ended on 5G – will it meet the heavy expectations the different players in mobile are placing on it? Or, will it emanate the pitfalls of LTE, which many would argue have still yet to meet their initial expectations? Most of the participants were hopeful of the promise that 5G will provide a bigger pipe, but all agreed that the proof will be in seamless content delivery.

This conversation only broached the surface of what there is to talk about regarding innovations in the mobile streaming. Check out the entire stream below.

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