Samsung Re-ups Giraffic AVA in 2015 Smart TVs

April 23, 2015 1:32 pm

Last year we announced that our Adaptive Video Acceleration (AVA) technology was shipping with Samsung smart TVs.   The latest news is that the CE leader is re-upping their commitment to Giraffic; our AVA, which has enabled delivery of the highest quality of streaming content to millions of devices, will be featured in Samsung’s upcoming 2015 Smart TV lineup.  Their customers can continue to enjoy the highest possible picture quality while viewing streaming content from any of the hundreds of video apps and OTT streams that are available.

We all know that sinking feeling of finally sitting down to watch that one episode or movie you were waiting for all week, only to see the buffering screen.  You’ve already invested your money on the best internet and Wi-Fi connection, but maybe it’s time to invest in the right products.

Our AVA solution helps optimize your Internet connection to eliminate buffering and enable true 4K streaming, resulting in the best content and viewing experiences.  It has proven to significantly accelerate Hulu, Amazon, Vimeo, BBC and many other video streaming apps offered on Samsung Smart TVs.

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