Giraffic Now Boosts FireTV, Apple TV and Android TV Apps with TV SDK Based on its Market-proven Adaptive Video Acceleration™

January 9, 2018

After becoming the de-facto standard in Smart TVs, by powering over 100 million devices, the new TV SDK enables content service providers to deliver high-quality consistent streaming, for higher viewer satisfaction and loyalty


Consumer Electronics Show 2018, Las-Vegas, NV – [January 9, 2018] – Giraffic, the inventor of Adaptive Video Acceleration (AVA™), announced today the availability of its leading client-side streaming optimization & acceleration technology as an SDK for leading TV streaming platforms. By integrating AVA TV SDK, for the first time video streaming service providers can boost the performance of their apps on FireTV, Apple TV and Android TV platforms, delivering crisp high-quality and uninterrupted streaming for both Live and VOD content.

TV SDK performnaceThe success of OTT service is tied directly to the quality of the streaming experience, influencing viewer loyalty and churn rates. As more content providers and Multiple-System Operators (MSOs) enter the OTT video market, in order to thrive in this crowded and highly competitive space, they must assure their subscribers’ experience is always top-notch.  Service providers take various measures to improve their delivery infrastructure and mitigate network congestion and fluctuations, enhancing their Content Delivery Network (CDN) and adopting advanced codec and compression techniques to name a few. Giraffic AVA TV SDK provides an additional client-side component of video streaming and network optimization, enabling OTT service providers to gain control over their users’ experience from the device within their app.

The majority of premium OTT viewing is happening on the big screen- video streaming devices and sticks are found to be most popular means to stream premium content, with 40% penetration among US households. The new AVA TV SDK reduces up to 75% of buffering events and increases viewing time at the highest quality by more than 50%[1].  “We have conducted multiple benchmarks on leading streaming apps such as MLB, NFL, NBC, NBA, HBO & Hulu and witnessed similar results of AVA reducing buffering and increasing the viewing quality” says Yoel Zanger, CEO of Giraffic.

“Users expect broadcast-TV quality from subscription-based streaming services” continues Zanger. “Now OTT providers can assure that their subscribers get the great experience they are expecting and paying for, while streaming live channels or binge watching their favorite shows on their TV sets”.

AVA is available to content providers through a simple SDK integration in their streaming apps. To set up a private meeting with Giraffic at CES and see the technology in action please contact


About Giraffic

Giraffic Adaptive Video Acceleration™ (AVA), the leading client-side video experience technology, enabling  streaming service providers’ apps and consumer electronics devices to deliver HD, UHD 4K video and VR, without re-buffering pauses or streaming resolution reduction. With over 100 million of devices in over 200 countries, AVA technology was adopted by the leading consumer electronics manufacturers. Giraffic has launched its AVA SDK for content providers and OTT pay-TV operators, and the technology is now making ways into mobile and TV streaming apps as well as VR. AVA SDK is being deployed by some of the most prominent content service providers and carriers as part of their streaming service’s applications.



Media Contacts:

Inna Zagrebelny

Product Marketing Manager, Giraffic


[1] Source: Giraffic benchmarking on Amazon FireTV platform for VOD and Live content, December 2017


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