From a Trickle to a STREAM: Giraffic Mobile AVA Unlocks full potential of HD and 4K Video on Smartphones and Tablets

March 3, 2016


Device-side Software Tackles Network Congestion, Video Quality and Power Waste for Mobile Streaming

Mobile World Congress 20Galati, Romania - September 23, 2014: iPad Mini and iPhone 6 Plus on white. Blank screen on the iPhone 6 and iPad. Apple released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on September 9, 2014.16, Barcelona – [February 22, 2016]Giraffic, the leader in adaptive video acceleration (AVA™) technologies for consumer electronics device manufacturers, today announced the availability of Mobile AVA™ for smartphones and tablets. Mobile AVA helps consumers, OEMs and content providers tap the full potential of HD video and UHD 4K devices that are hindered by network congestion and huge content downloads. Mobile AVA is the first device-side-only technology that outsmarts many of the existing 3G, LTE and WiFi network congestion issues, as well as improves playback of video streaming apps, delivering the true HD experience that consumers want.
“The mobile device is the go-to method for streaming video content on-the-go, and even at home. However, mobile networks and WiFi are often congested and not stable enough to support true high quality streaming, and research shows that consumers are generally unable to view mobile content in HD – let alone 4K,” said Yoel Zanger, CEO of Giraffic. “Consumers have a device with the potential of crisp video resolution and a smooth viewing experience, but today they’re forced to settle for less because the network or video formats don’t always support it. We are excited to launch Mobile AVA and enable greater streaming throughput and superior video quality playback over existing infrastructure. ”
According to Strategy Analytics’ AppOptix research program, the average U.S. active user watches 20.2 minutes of premium VOD on their mobile device per day, comprising almost 20% of the total daily viewing time. Additionally, over 60% of the devices released in 2015 offer a full HD experience for the consumer – but only for fully downloaded content. Streaming video tells a different story, as 4G/LTE and WiFi networks in most cases can only deliver SD video. The problem is twofold: network congestion and content.
“Watching high quality video without re-buffering or having to adapt to lower bitrate streams during the playback requires relatively consistent network conditions,” said David Watkins, Service Director for the Connected Home at Strategy Analytics. “That is not always possible when consumers travel in and out of 3G or 4G cellular sectors while watching video. We are therefore starting to see the beginning of a paradigm shift whereby CE manufacturers are taking ownership of the end user’s OTT video streaming experience, rather than relying on the content provider or network operator to assure performance.”
Mobile AVA is a software-based solution that empowers mobile and tablet manufacturers to overcome obstacles created by unstable cellular networks or content apps that are not optimized to each and every mobile device’s platform. By improving the network throughput of video streaming requests, and adapting app streaming formats to each device’s platform, AVA enables higher quality playback, without requiring network or server-side integration. Additionally, Mobile AVA provides power-aware streaming acceleration and playback shaping for HD and UHD 4K, progressive and adaptive streaming, delivering longer viewing times per battery charge.
Demos during MWC 2016 will be held at the IMA pavilion, Hall 2, booth #2D60 (by appointment only). To schedule a demo of Mobile AVA, please contact:
For more information on Mobile AVA and Giraffic technologies visit
About Giraffic
Giraffic is the inventor of Adaptive Video Acceleration™ (AVA™) – a new client-side network throughput optimization technology that enables consumer electronic (CE) devices to deliver High Definition and 4K video, without re-buffering pauses or streaming resolution reduction. With 10’s of millions of activated devices in over 120 countries, Giraffic’s ground breaking AVA technology has become the de-facto standard on Smart TVs and validated and benchmarked by the world’s leading manufacturers, such as LG and Samsung. Giraffic’s technology is now making ways into mobile devices, and is available in the next generation of CE devices, including Smart TVs, Set-Top-Boxes, Tablets and Smartphones.

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