Join Our Twitter Industry Round Table to Save our Streaming (S.O.S.)

March 7, 2016 2:58 pm

A Discussion of the Trends and Technologies Impacting Mobile Video Quality floating-ring-160536_1280and Growth

  • Tuesday, March 9
  • 1-2:00 PM EST   
  • Hashtag: #SaveOurStreaming

More people are consuming more content on mobile devices. It seems reasonable that they should expect the same quality as they enjoy in their living rooms.

Yet some manufacturers are holding back on adding displays to mobile devices that match the resolution and quality of TVs. They may be waiting until 5G networks are in place – but this is not expected to be until 2020.

Mobile chipset providers are promoting support for 4K and VR, however they understand one the main challenges for its adoption is network readiness. They are introducing creative solutions, such as LTE Wi-Fi Link Aggregation (LWA) from Qualcomm.

Today’s 3G, 4G and broadband Wi-Fi networks can support much better quality. As we noted in our S.O.S. post, 4K on mobile doesn’t need more than 10Mbps – a speed that is within LTE network capabilities. But some continue to deliver mobile video in less than 1Mbps quality.

Is it about bandwidth, or perhaps consumers don’t care enough about quality on mobile to demand it from their service providers? What is needed to bring the pieces together and deliver the best quality video over mobile? To find out more and participate in the discussion, please join our round table.

The goal of this one-hour Twitter round table chat is to gather a wide range of expert opinions regarding the challenges and opportunities impacting the growth of mobile video. See our S.O.S. post for more information. Giraffic executives and range of industry thought leaders will take part in the Q & A.

We hope you will join us for what is sure to be a stimulating discussion. You can use TweetChat, HootSuite or TweetDeck in order to follow the conversation and participate. Simply enter the hashtag #SaveOurStreaming a few minutes before the start time, and the Giraffic moderator will make introductions and begin the session. Please make sure to include the hashtag with every tweet you post during the roundtable. Otherwise, your comment will not be seen by most other participants.