Giraffic’s Week at CES

January 21, 2015 4:27 pm

We spent the last week at the world famous Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas discussing our Adaptive Video Acceleration (AVA) technology to an audience of major Consumer Electronics device manufacturers, influencers and industry executives.

Our team conducted side-by-side demonstrations to show the dramatic improvement in streaming quality with our technology. Giraffic’s suite was probably the only place at CES where one could watch true UHD 4K being streamed over real internet conditions (and not just a video playing back locally from a thumb drive).

Intel demonstrated Giraffic’s AVA in their suite, integrated in the Puma Home Gateways. Sigma Designs showed a complete end-to-end accelerated video delivery system – AVA-powered IP Set-top-Boxes and Smart TV boards, accelerating HD video delivery via their Powerline Communications ( home networking technology.

In addition to impressing attendees with true 4K viewing, Yoel Zanger, Giraffic CEO and Founder, participated in a panel discussion about UHD and 4K, presented by the Advanced Imaging Society.

The panel focused on the inevitability of 4K UHD for content creators, costs, and the impact of 4K UHD on the cable and OTT industry in 2015.  They debated the challenges of Ultra HD production, storage, distribution, and consumer acceptance.



While most panelists came from the content creators’ side and discussed the challenges around production and storage of 4K content, as well as the need for standardization and better content work flow, Yoel Zanger was able to contribute a unique perspective on content distribution. He noted that, instead of having 4K content available on the serving side and the 4K displays available on the end user’s side, what is lacking is sufficient Internet infrastructure and the means to deliver the content from producers to consumers over the web.

Carolyn Giardina, contributing editor for the Hollywood Reporter and Jim Chabin, President of the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society moderated the discussion. Among the panelists were Chris Fetner from Netflix, Stephan Heimbecher, head of innovation and standards at Sky Deutschland, Percy Fung, production director at Film Magic, John Honeycutt from Discovery Communications, Michael Hsu, president at SuperD, Thomas Wiegand from Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, and Phil McKinney, president of CableLabs.