Giraffic speaks at the 20th Connections US Conference by Parks Associates

May 30, 2016 7:28 am

Noam Geri, Giraffic VP Sales & Business Development, North America

Last week Giraffic was invited to speak at the annual Connections US conference in San-Francisco, covering the state of the connected home industry and its future developments.
I had a chance to participate in a fascinating panel discussion, dealing with one of the most trending topics- Virtual Reality, alongside Paul T. Kim, Director, Content & Services from Samsung and Danny Vossen, Director Innovation & Strategic Partnerships from Technicolor.

During the discussion we addressed the challenges of VR adoption and its mass market penetration, as well as the obstacles of delivering VR content, which demands high bandwidth, to consumer homes and mobile devices.
We discussed how a majority of VR content is initially consumed on low-cost smartphone-based VR devices, and as such, content delivery is one of the greatest challenges of VR.

Buffering and low resolution will severely detract from the VR experience since in order for the virtual to become the reality, the experience can be immersive only with sharp and high-resolution image and seamless playback.

The panelists were all in consensus that VR is not a just a temporary hype and will continue to grow. Recent study from Parks Associates revealed that 2.3M households in US already own a VR headset, so we will continue to see more companies introducing supporting devices and related technologies. Gaming applications are a major driver of VR adoption, as well as the widely popular 360 videos that are available online, including a lot of user generated content.
Connections conference celebrated its 20th anniversary. It has expanded its focus over the years, covering a wide array of topics relating to the connected home, including smart-home, IoT, content delivery as well as wearables and connected cars.

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