Giraffic speaks at the 2016 SMPTE Annual Technical Conference

November 2, 2016 3:10 pm

Yoel Zanger, CEO Giraffic

Last week the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) had its Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition in Hollywood, CA. Giraffic was invited to speak at the event and share the expertise in streaming video technologies.


Yoel Zanger, CEO Giraffic. 2016 SMPTE Annual Technical Conference

I was presenting our findings and best practices based on extensive research in the field of UHD 4K streaming video delivery, that we summarized in our paper “Challenges of Delivering Superb Viewing Experience while Streaming UHD 4K and HDR  Content in the Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Era”. We examined the impact of ABR protocols implementation on user experience in light of constantly growing adoption of UHD 4K and HDR in the OTT space, discussed its challenges and presented recommendations for delivery of greater viewing experience within the current network infrastructure.

In general, OTT was one of the biggest topics in the conference, with a lot of discussions on compression and ABR technologies in particular, that were starring not only in our presentation but also in ones by Dolby and MediaMelon to name a few.


Norm Hurst, SRI Sarnoff Corp. 2016 SMPTE Annual Technical Conference

Indeed the new developments in streaming video raised additional challenges and the industry is putting a lot of emphasis on achieving best possible viewing experience alongside the advancements in imaging standards. From all the UHD features, the HDR and WCG (wide color gamut) features were the ones that gained the most traction and not the 4K resolution. It seemed that unlike three years ago, when the entire industry was pushing for more pixels, this year the experts are focusing their efforts on the image enhancements that will deliver greater color depth, contrast, broader spectrum etc.

In terms of predictions, it was really amazing to see the consensus around OTT & cloud being identified as the main forces to drive the consumption growth, while viewer analytics and perfecting the content discovery play a huge role in the advancement of connected experience.


SMPTE 2016. (Photo by Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging)

SMPTE is celebrating its 100th anniversary. For the past century, the society has been supporting the advancements in the entertainment technology, by developing thousands of standards, guidelines and best practices, advancing motion imaging from the its dawn in sound cinema introduction all the way to HD and UHD television. It is amazing to see how the SMPTE Annual TechCon’s have developed over time and takes an active role in supporting industry migration into new formats of our digital and well connected world.

It’s been a pleasure and an honor being part of this insightful and inspiring conference.