Giraffic is showing TRUE Streaming 4K TV on Leading Devices at CES

January 5, 2015 2:58 pm

This week at CES, we will be sharing the latest advances in our Adaptive Video Acceleration™ CES-Unveiled_no-date_clr_forweb(AVA) technology and demonstrating how it enables broadcast TV quality over the Internet.

It is probably the only place at CES where you will be able to view true 4K that is actually being streamed. You can request a demo by sending a note to

AVA allows device manufacturers and OTT providers to boost the video streaming performance over any Internet connection. We will be demoing with a broad range of partner products to show the dramatic improvements that AVA delivers. You will see:

Samsung Smart TV – AVA is currently integrated in Samsung’s Smart TV and Blu-Ray 2014 models and onwards. Giraffic’s suite is probably the only place at CES where you will be able to view true 4K that is actually being streamed.

Sigma Designs – We will be showcasing a new reference design and SDK developed jointly with Sigma Designs’ set top boxes (STBs) and Smart TV chipsets that significantly improve the HD and UHD 4K video experience. Joint testing on the Sigma platform showed a 200-300%, increase in average download speeds, and elimination of buffering events, with minimal utilization of CPU and memory resources.

Vuser WiPao projector – Giraffic brings enhanced high quality and HD streaming innovation to China’s over-the-top market through its partnership with Vuser.

Broadcom – We accelerate Broadcom hybrid IP set-top-boxes and other media streaming devices, and will show side-by-side HD video streaming with zero buffering over regular home Internet connections.

Intel Media Gateway –Giraffic’s AVA accelerates video performance delivered to all consumers’ home devices via integration into the Intel Puma Home Gateway

Mobile –Giraffic will be unveiling its AVA mobile solutions, which accelerates OTT video apps, delivering throughput of over 10 Mbps HD and UHD videos. It also speeds large mobile-to-mobile file transfers over Wi-Fi and provides fault tolerance to network disconnects.

Giraffic Network Insights (GNI) – A set of monitoring and reporting tools that help CE device manufacturers identify and improve streaming experience.

Giraffic’s Distributed Adaptive Streaming™ (DAS) –Highperformance delivery of video, games and software updates, while offloading over 70% of CDN bandwidth.