VR AVA™-Unleashing Virtual Reality Streaming

Untethered and Uninterrupted Mobility for Immersive VR Experiences on Apps and Mobile Devices

VR AVA overcomes unstable network connection challenges, unlocking seamless virtual reality streaming for apps and mobile devices. 

  • Cuts the VR cord- WiFi, 3G, 4G/LTE optimized
  • Doubles the viewed resolution and minimizes buffering
  • Increases sense of realism- enabling true HD & UHD 4K multi-view video for VR & 360° content
  • Customized multi-streaming capabilities- working across split streams for each angle of the video 

Video is a bandwidth hog in the best of circumstances, VR video is a several magnitudes worse. VR video that has banding, artifacts, starts and stops, or worst of all, induces motion sickness as a result of the compression necessary to deliver it, will quickly turn off VR users“- Michael Goodman, Director Digital Media, Strategy Analytics, December 2016

VR AVA vastly improves quality and stability of the immersive streams for extended and smooth viewing experience 

  • Extracts up to 200% higher throughput from congested WiFi and cellular networks
  • Optimizes adaptive bitrate (ABR) playback for longer periods of time at the highest quality
  • Provides broadcast TV viewing experience by mitigating poor image quality and buffering
  • Delivers longer viewing periods at the highest quality resolution available so viewers can watch more

Entirely client-side software solution 

  • Simple in-app SDK integration
  • Any platform, device and operating system
  • No integration on server or network side
  • Complimentary solution to existing infrastructure (CDN, ISP etc)
  • No end-user operation: built-in streaming optimization

VR AVA provides your users the best possibility to enjoy virtual reality content from start to finish. 

Check out our VR  AVA press release here.

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