Mobile AVA™ for Smartphone & Tablet Manufacturers


New experience in  mobile video streaming!

Mobile AVA ensures uninterrupted, broadcast-TV quality of streaming video on any device, in any network. 

  • Extracts faster speeds of cellular and WiFi networks: 3G, 4G/ LTE and public WiFi
  • Accelerates and improves performance of the leading video streaming protocols (HTTP/S, HLS, MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming)
  • Enables Ultra-HD 4K and HDR streaming
  • Enables immersive 360° video and VR
  • Accelerates linear and live streaming by enabling higher quality and reducing buffering.
  • Can be easily integrated on any mobile device, with any OS


Unlock the full potential of your brilliant mobile displays- gain control over each viewing experience.

  • Crisp image quality at highest possible resolution
  • More pixels on the same connection – no compromise on picture quality!
  • The only mobile HDTV experience

A complimentary software solution for existing infrastructure, operated exclusively from the client-side, Mobile AVA eliminates video viewing frustration regardless of streamed content, consumer location, or device.


Mobile AVA ensures supreme quality video, even when on the go

  • Tackles the unique challenges of mobile networks- 3G, 4G/LTE and shared WiFI in crowded places
  • Comprehensive content & protocol support- acceleration of Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming protocols and HTTP progressive download
  • Quality-of-Service optimization mechanism minimizes unnecessary bitrate switches, cutting resolution jumps by half

Entirely client-side software solution 

  • Any platform, device and operating system
  • No integration on server or network side
  • Complimentary solution to existing infrastructure (CDN, ISP etc)
  • No end-user operation: built-in streaming optimization

Mobile AVA enables battery efficient video stream – reduces power waste

Giraffic power efficiency module:

  • Faster download speeds per watt
  • Eliminates power waste caused by re-buffering pauses
  • Enables optimal UHD streaming without sacrificing battery life



Check out our Mobile AVA demo here.

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