AVA™ SDK for Content Providers and Apps

Improved Live and VOD Streaming Quality for Better Engagement and Higher Retention 

A simple integration of AVA SDK in video streaming apps enables superb viewing experience as content consumption migrates towards OTT. 

  • Enables sustainable and consistent streams of premium HD and UHD 4K VOD content
  • Delivers uninterrupted viewing of high profile live streaming events
  • Maintains higher quality playback and smoother Quality-of-Service
  • Increases viewers satisfaction and brand engagement while reducing streaming support issues 

Online video consumption is surging, with subscription online video viewing projected to double over the next five years reaching more than 143 billion views per year globally. This growth will put increasing pressure on the network, which was not originally designed for video delivery“- Dan Cryan, senior director of media and content at IHS Markit, September 2016

AVA SDK helps to meet the growing demand for high-quality, scalable live streaming and VOD

  • Extracts more effective throughput from the consumers’ existing internet connection
  • Provides broadcast TV viewing experience by mitigating poor image quality and buffering
  • Delivers longer viewing periods at the highest quality resolution available so viewers can watch more

Entirely client-side software solution 

  • Simple in-app SDK integration
  • Any platform, device and operating system
  • No integration on server or network side
  • Complimentary solution to existing infrastructure (CDN, ISP etc)
  • No end-user operation: built-in streaming optimization

Combine client-side streaming acceleration with your network optimization strategy for robust video delivery solution

  • Content service providers can perfect streaming viewing experience by integrating AVA SDK into their apps
  • Streaming platform developers can deliver enhanced solutions with additional acceleration from the device

AVA SDK complements existing video delivery infrastructure

  • Overcomes network bottlenecks, including Last Mile issues
  • Resolves even “Last Yard” congestion in user home environment such as at home bandwidth competition or proximity to router

Check out our  AVA SDK press release here.

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