Cloud DVR: Challenges and Solutions

June 30, 2015 2:20 pm

Here on this blog, we generally write about topics such as streaming video performance, VoD, OTT DVRincloudand consumer electronics devices. That is because Adaptive Video Acceleration (AVA), our core technology, has obvious applications and benefits for these areas.

There is, however, another growing trend that you might assume falls outside our wheelhouse. Many say that cloud DVRs, the topic of a recent Parks Associates webinar, will become increasingly important, as operators seek to reduce support needs and deliver a seamless, location independent experience across devices.

That is the vision. But it is no small task to store and deliver these large files from a cloud, in a way that doesn’t compromise the existing DVR user experience; much easier and faster to watch recorded movies and shows from the hard drive in the DVR box to the TV, or zip them across a home network to another TV.

As it turns out, AVA can improve cloud DVR performance and user experience because the software runs in a growing number of smart TVs and other media streaming devices.

How, exactly, can home-based technology improve how large video files are delivered from the cloud? And what are other cloud DVR challenges and solutions? I answer these questions in a post on the Parks’ Connections blog. Please take a look, and let us know what you think!