AdWeek Covers the Growth of “Entertainment on Demand”

May 19, 2015 6:27 pm
Adweek Infographic

Source: Adweek

We have covered the related trends of cable TV cord cutting, and growth of OTT and streaming video.  It looks like AdWeek is also tracking the topic. The publication just came out with an article and infographic that nicely illustrates the rise of “Entertainment on Demand.”

The story is timely, as it closely follows the Digital Content Newfronts, which was inspired by the more mainstream TV UpFronts – in both cases, content producers woo advertisers.

Here is an excerpt: ” [the] production of premium video content is exploding… digital media companies are producing hundreds of hours of new online programming, and it all comes in an increasingly on-demand marketplace…. According to data compiled by Ninja Metrics, streaming services cost 39 percent less than a bundle of expanded basic cable channels…. streaming is up.”

The infographic shows that OTTs are catching up to cable TV, and that cord cutters watch more than traditional cable households.  This trend should further incentivize brands to invest ad dollars in streaming media.  We, of course love it as our AVA technology was designed specifically to boost quality and user experience for this type of content.

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Source: Adweek