Company Profile

The tallest mammal in the world, the giraffe, plays a unique role as the savannah’s watch tower — overseeing the entire Savannah’s traffic, and usually the first to spot trouble in the distance.

When the team at Giraffic first spent time analyzing the sprawling, wild landscape of the Internet in search of trouble spots, the view wasn’t encouraging: When a consumer sits down to watch a video — whether in the family room on a flat screen, in a dorm room on a laptop, or on the bus from a tablet, there’s a series of technical snags and bottlenecks that are invisible to the viewer, but way too often lead to buffering, lower resolution and interruptions to the viewing experience.

There are several weak links in the content delivery chain: Limited and inconsistent Internet bandwidth and consequently throughput from Source to glass. Bottlenecks can stem from content servers overload and long-tail content caching limitations, to network operator backbone congestion, last mile bottleneck and home bandwidth ‘competition’.

To complement the existing video eco-system infrastructure of encoding, CDN, caching and network optimization, the team at Giraffic has resolved the missing links by rethinking the data delivery chain at the end-points and giving control for the video experience back to the user on his own entertainment devices. Giraffic achieves this by outsmarting Internet bandwidth limitations with unique, multi-patented Adaptive Video Acceleration™ technology on the end user-side device.

The results? Video acceleration that enables a broadcast quality experience over the Internet: minimum buffering, quicker downloads, and the ability to stream the highest levels of resolution without degrading quality.

Giraffic was founded in 2008, funded by leading US, Asian and Israeli VCs, and has offices in the US, Israel and Hong Kong. Giraffic technology has been deployed to millions of end users in over 100 countries.