About Giraffic

Giraffic, Inc is the Pioneer and Market leader of Adaptive Video Acceleration. Leading consumer electroinc device manufacurers and content publishers enable millions of their end users and devices in over 100 countries to enjoy Giraffic's accelerated video streaming experience.

Giraffic is led by a team of technology geeks, hi-tech executives and media veterans. 

The company is privately held and supported by industry leaders and some of the most accomplished veterans in the media and technology arena, from Samsung, VonageSling Media (Dish Networks/Echo-Star Group), Comverse, CNN, and Warner Brothers,


What is a Giraffic ?

The name Giraffic is a combination of a Giraffe and Traffic - Paraphrasing on the concept of turning the long tail of content– similar to video consumption traffic, to the "long-neck" or "high-head" – symbolizes reversing of current new media age content consumption patterns. But aside, it's simply a nice catchy name that helps customers and partners remember us and has given us some pretty decent brand awareness... (oh, and did we mention that the CEO and Founder is almost a Giraffe himself ? 6.3 foot tall !)

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