Yoel Zanger, Founder & CEO

Yoel Zanger founded Giraffic in 2008 and lead it from inception through initial funding, product development, initial revenues and into its current market traction. Prior to founding Giraffic, Yoel co-founded New-Tone Technologies, a value-added services platform for mobile applications based on advanced voice and data technologies.
In 2003 Yoel joined Phonetic Systems – a voice recognition company, where he headed the EMEA Sales and Professional Services until the company’s was acquired by Nuance – the world leader in voice recognition solutions. Following this acquisition, Yoel led Nuance’s regional sales until 2006.
Previously, Yoel headed Business Development and Sales for Infogate Online (a RAD Group company) – one of the world’s first OTT Platforms with a comprehensive end-to-end platform and technology for Telcos and ISPs offering Video-on-Demand and Games-on-Demand over the Internet.
 Yoel started his career in 1995 with the development team of Eshbel Technologies – maker of the successful Priority ERP/CRM platform, where he took over as head of operations in 1997 to 2000, building the company’s customer facing operations from inception into one of the most successful ERP and CRM platforms in its market. Yoel holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Rotem Epelbaum, VP R&D

Rotem Epelbaum brings more than a decade of communication system-engineering expertise to Giraffic. Rotem specializes in multiple communication layers and data storage technologies, and holds several patents in data telecommunications. Prior to joining Giraffic, Rotem lead the development of the award-winning Dane-Elec Network Attached Storage products and prior to that held engineering positions at NDS and Nokia-Siemens Networks. Rotem holds BSc in Communication System Engineering from Ben-Gurion University and MBA in technology, entrepreneurship and Innovation from Recanati business school, University of Tel-Aviv.

Ravid Hadar, VP Product

Ravid Hadar heads the product and marketing activity in Giraffc, defining and delivering  Adaptive Video Acceleration technology for mobile, tablet, connected TV OEMs, content providers, and the rest of the video streaming ecosystem. Ravid has been involved for over 15 years in R&D and product related roles, catering consumer electronics OEMs. Prior to Giraffic, Ravid managed the Embedded product team at SanDisk Corporation (acquired by Western Digital) developing storage solutions for mobile and connected devices. Prior to that, Ravid was an algorithm and DSP engineer at Comsys Communication, a start-up developing modem baseband solutions for handsets. Ravid holds an MBA and B.Sc in Electronic Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Noam Geri, VP BD North America

Noam Geri heads Giraffic business development activity in North America, promoting Giraffic Adaptive Video Acceleration technology to OEMs and the video streaming ecosystem.  A 20-year industry veteran, Noam was the founder of AMIMON, a wireless high definition video semiconductor vendor and prior to that was at Texas Instruments broadband communication group.  In recent years Noam has been serving as a consultant and advisor to several startups in the consumer electronics space, including Tuxera, CONEQ Labs, Dual Aperture and Synerchip. Noam holds an MBA from Stanford University and an M.Sc and B.Sc. in EE from Tel-Aviv University